Clairus is an independent company that provides system engineering, system design, and system validation services for the Air Traffic Control industry.

Air Traffic Control


Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management are changing. With more airplanes, larger, more complex airports, and shorter airline turnaround times, the industry is more reliant upon new technologies than ever before. These new technologies include Surface Multilateration, Wide-Area Multilateration, Automatic Dependent Surveillance, Surface Movement Radar, Data Fusion, and Automation systems. If you have questions regarding these new technologies, Clairus can provide clear, unbiased answers.


With vast experience designing, installing, and testing state-of-the-art Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems, Clairus can help Air Traffic Control and Airport Ground Control providers continuously validate the performance of their systems. Clairus knows what these systems are designed to do, and knows how to verify that they are working correctly.


Clairus also has considerable experience working with Wide-Area Surveillance systems. Both Multilateration and Automatic Dependent Surveillance can allow for safe Air Traffic Control practices in areas that may be unserviceable by traditional radar technologies. These distributed-architecture technologies allow for reliable and economical ATC services. Clairus can help you design and model ways to integrate these new technologies into your airspace.

Clairus can help you design, model, and validate your new ATC technology.